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We take the hassle out of shipping, We handle all your Customs clearances and deliver your package to you.

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After signing up, check your email inbox or spam folder for our confirmation email containing your U.S. shipping address and customer code.

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Use the mailbox address and reference code provided by First Choice Shipping. This allows for quick processing and faster shipping.

Choose your deliver method, and sit back and relax.

Upon receipt of your package in our warehouse, we will promptly notify you via email when it arrives in Jamaica, and when it is ready for pickup.

Empower Your Business and Personal Life

First Choice Shipping Jamaica empowers you to manage your shipping with ease. You can conveniently upload your invoices, schedule deliveries, make payments for your packages, and track their progress, all through your personalized login dashboard.

Things to know

Registration will always be free, with no monthly charges, no hidden fees.

After you sign up check your email for your U.S. Address and unique ID# (check your junk mail or spam folder if you do not see it in your regular email). All packages are repaired for shipping as soon as we receive them in our warehouse. You can have family members and friends send packages to your First Choice Shipping U.S. Mailbox address. We will notify you of the arrival of your package, and when it's ready for pickup. Note that your package will be delivered according to the delivery method you choose unless otherwise stated.

Here are a few online shopping benefits

The primary advantage of online shopping is the convenience it offers. It allows you to shop from the comfort of your home in your pajamas, even late at night, without feeling awkward. You can complete your purchases in minutes without having to queue up or seek assistance from cashiers. The option to shop online is available round the clock, providing a hassle-free and eco-friendly shopping experience that generates no pollution. Moreover, digital goods like ebooks are instantly available to you as soon as the transaction is processed, without the need for any physical materials, further benefiting the environment.

Online shopping offers a multitude of opportunities, providing access to almost any brand or product you desire. It eliminates the need to travel to stay up-to-date with global fashion trends, and instead allows you to shop from vendors across the state, country, or even the world, expanding your options beyond those in your local area. You have access to a greater variety of colors and sizes than what's available in your vicinity, with ample stock to ensure you can always obtain the desired size and color. Additionally, some online retailers allow you to order out-of-stock items and will ship them as soon as they become available again.

Product reviews are an invaluable resource for customers seeking basic information about a product from those who have already used it. Online reviews make it easier to obtain insider knowledge about a product. For example, when purchasing clothing, we can read reviews and view images uploaded by other customers wearing the item, allowing us to make informed decisions. Reviews empower future buyers, helping them make wise purchases.

 Comparing and researching products and their prices is so much easier online. Also, we have the ability to share information and reviews with other shoppers who have firsthand experience with a product or retailer.

If you are like me, you hate crowds when you're shopping. Especially during festivals or special events, they can be such a huge headache. Also, it tends to be more chaotic when there are more crowds out and this sometimes makes us feel rush or hurried. Grumpy, annoying, and smelly people also annoy me when I'm out shopping. Plus, parking becomes a huge issue. All of these problems can be avoided when you shop online.

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